Broker Your Boat

After the initial meeting, we will look at the value of your boat and compare it to other boats on the market, as well as ones that have sold recently. Then, together with you, we will decide on the best listing price for your boat. At this point, [ you will sign a 3 month exclusive listing agreement with our brokerage firm. Most brokerages require a 6 month exclusive agreement. If your boat hasn’t had any activity in 3 months, something is wrong. ]

As soon as a listing agreement is signed by all parties, a professional listing is prepared and we begin to advertise your boat in a variety of different ways. We prepare professional listings with high quality photos and a detailed description about your boat.

We use many media outlets including but not limited to, mass emails to multiple previous clients and customers, magazines, newspapers, websites, and a broker’s Multiple Listing System. Our connections and relationships with other brokers and marinas throughout the country and world also help us market your boat by word of mouth. We have the experience to know where to advertise your type of boat and generate the most interest about it in order for it to sell.

Throughout the time that your boat is listed with us, we will remain in contact with you about the status of your boat. Also, we pride ourselves on being available to our customers 24 hours a day if you were to need us. Whether we need to discuss price points or listed details, someone will be at your disposal to provide you with assistance.

We handle all dealings with prospective buyers throughout the whole sales process including all phone calls, emails, showings, sea trials and surveys. This means you won’t have to take time out of your day to deal with the selling process.

We handle the whole closing process. We provide hands on orientation for the new buyer, preparing the bill of sale, including the necessary paperwork for title transfer, and closing paperwork for your records. Our fee for the whole process is the industry standard 10% of the selling price. After the boat is closed and the money is clear, you will receive the balance of the funds either via check or wire transfer.